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World Team Phase 1 Lifting Chart World Team Phase 1 Running Chart

By Zeke Jones, National Freestyle Coach I just came off of a international training and competition schedule traveling to Russia, Cuba, Iran, and Belarus. Over the 49 days I was able to gather valuable intelligence  [ Read More ]

RUSSIA USA Athletes start at average age of 10.Athlete is put in style GR or FS.Athlete stays with that style for his career. Spends first 4-5 years learning Basic Skills and cross training before entering  [ Read More ]

Download as an Excel Spreadsheet Food Group Serving Size Examples Low Fiber High Fiber Breads/Starches 1 slice of bread white bread Bread: 1/2 cup cooked cereal rolls whole grain 1/3 cup pasta/rice biscuits stone ground  [ Read More ]

Coaches, for American Wrestlers it all starts with stance. Stay down in your stance and make contact with your head first. Don’t reach and lead with the face…you’ll get you teeth knocked out. Instead, lead  [ Read More ]